Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows is Lisa's first book, an illustrated story about overcoming self-doubt and fear for children aged 6-8.

Amelia Swan was a shy girl, but she loved to sing. When a talent show was announced at her school, she was excited to have the opportunity to show everyone her talent. But then it happened – she began to doubt. What if she would forget the words? Everyone would laugh at her. And to make it worse, she soon realised that Priscilla, the class bully, was out to stop her winning. Join Amelia as she learns to grow in confidence with the help of her best friend Lucy and her teacher Miss Barton.

Out of the Shadows is on general release from 1st April 2021, but is available now, priced just £6.99, in our online store. It is published by Onwards & Upwards Christian Publishers. Illustrations are by Hannah Stout. 

You can also download our promotional book brochure here

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