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Out now!

Lisa's first book, Out of the Shadows, is available now! ​Visit the Out of the Shadows page for more information and to buy. For more info about Lisa, scroll down below.

Stories by
Lisa Haskett

Illustrated Children's books
with a Christian theme

Lisa lives in Blackpool with her husband Steve and son Owen. Lisa and her husband are involved in the running  of a UK based  Christian charity called  Life Association that support some of the world's poorest children through loving homes and education.

Lisa has a longing to see children set free from the fears and anxieties that can overwhelm them. To know  their self worth and for them to be brought into the fullness of all that God intends for their lives through the love and hope of Jesus.


The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who led exciting lives.

From Matilda ~ Roald Dahl

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